New build project on a grand scale.


Park House is the first of two new homes built in Exeter. Bold and contemporary, they have been designed to the highest standard with all the modern conveniences you would expect from a luxurious new home.

Ground was broken at the end of 2015 and building works completed on target in mid 2017.


Park House Lounge Area
Park House Bedroom
Park House Dressing Room
Park House Bathroom
Park House Hallway
Park House External Evening

Grand and contemporary family home.


Atlas House is the second of two new homes built in Exeter. Bold and contemporary, they have been designed to the highest standard with all the modern conveniences you would expect from a luxurious new home.

Ground was broken at the end of 2015 and building works completed on target in mid 2017.



Listed building conversion.


Conversion of grand, vacant Grade II listed building previously used as office space. The building was transformed into 14 beautiful residential units, including the addition of contemporary new build block in the grounds adding a further 2 units to the site.

Works began in June 2017 and were completed in August 2018.



A listed building on the brink gets a new lease of life.


Built in 1850 Woodside is an imposing grade II listed building situated in Central Worcester. Once a grand home the building sadly fell victim to extensive vandalism and water damage, laying empty and exposed for a prolonged period of time.

The conversion to apartments bought the building back to life and gave it purpose once again as the beautiful home it was always meant to be.   

Woodside Bedroom
Woodside Lounge / Kitchen

Historical building with significant horticultural importance.


Pitmaston House has appeared in many incarnations. In roughly 1804 the home and work place of renowned horticulturalist John Williams, since then a school and more recently as office space.

Conversion commenced in 2014 to restore this grade II listed building back into the grand home it once was over two centuries ago.



Office space to luxury space.


Pitmaston Apartments is situated next door to Pitmaston House, the property had been used as office space until it was extensively renovated by Blockworks.

Conversion commenced in 2014 to create 6 high end luxury self contained apartments.


£6 Million Residential Conversion.


The Acorn Centre, situated in central Exeter was once a commercial office building, planning was achieved to convert the  building into 39 new self contained apartments. The conversion commenced in January 2015 and completed at the end of 2015.


City centre doctors surgery transformed.


Haresfield House operated as a doctors surgery before the property was left vacant.

Blockworks commenced the conversion in 2016 transforming the building into 15 self contained apartments.


Derelict outbuildings to outstanding family homes.


As part of the Woodside Site and project two derelict outbuildings were extensively renovated and transformed into stunning family homes.

Both the Coach House and Grange went on to be sold.    

Woodside 3 no copyright - by Jan Sedlacek -

Contemporary new build home in the Teign Valley.

After a complex planning process, Cedar House was constructed. A spectacular luxury new build family home hidden in the Teign Valley.



City centre office space to sophisticated dwellings.


4 - 6 The Moors is located in a desirable location of the City Centre. Up until purchase it was used as office space

Conversion took place in 2012 to restore the property into 2 separate 6 bed houses.

D1171 171.jpg
064-SK-0.07-ground-option 03-page-001.jpg
D1171 412-page-001.jpg

Maximising space for 3 new build homes.


Development of land on Langdale Road creating 3 luxury homes in the centre of Worcester. All units sold off plan.



City centre hotel to city living space.


Berwick House operated as a hotel in Worcester City Centre until its closure, when it was then left vacant for some time.

Conversion commenced in 2011 to transform the building into 3 large flats with 14 lettable rooms



Former nursing home receives a makeover.


Pinbrook House is an impressive grade 2 listed building in Exeter, built in 1679 it has acted as a garrison for both Charles II and during the Napoleonic Wars. It then went on to become a farm house and finally a nursing home before closing in 2009.

In 2010 Blockworks commenced work to reinstate the building as a home, creating 18 lettable units with some shared communal areas.



Projects going forwards...


Blockworks are starting new projects all the time. Exciting plans for 2018 and going forwards...   

Eldon Lodge, Bradford.


Purchase completed in September 2017, work has now commenced to convert this grand listed building into 17 residential units. 

Blockyard, Exeter


Former builders yard in Exeter purchase completed December 2017. Construction has commenced to create 15 units of purpose built, self contained student accommodation.

Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe

_cliff gardens Scunthorpe-page-001.jpg

Build commenced in 2018 to transform disused office space into 14 bespoke self contained one bedroom apartments.